Theater and television

Steve Halton, Barbara McChesney, Jordan Puryear

“Making up pretend stories and acting them out with Anne Brodie.” – Erica Peters

Blake Smith

“… our TV show, Kids Eye View? … where we got to interview Rod Serling.” – Sid Bardwell

Annie Halton

“Annie Halton type cast as the gypsy girl in a performance of Ravel’s Bolero.” – Bill Mutch

“I remember doing that show. I also remember making the backdrop for the show. We cut out all sorts of pictures from the various news magazines that we then glued to the backdrop.” – Tilly Garnett

Some kind of performance?

“I remember watching “The Taming of the Shrew,” starring Lloyd Benson and Carrie Cartman as Petruchio and Katherina.” – Anonymous

“Reading Shakespeare with an English group” – Anonymous

“That was my ball gown from the Service League Thrift Shop that I wore to be ‘Glinda the good witch’ from Wizard of Oz for Halloween, but we also did some kind of traveling play from East Hill, that we performed at other schools…” – Kylikki Inman

Karen Carr, Sound of Music

“We have this picture, but I don’t remember the show much at all.” – Karen Carr

Linda Moraff and Tonia VonMies?

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