Social life

Joe Peters, David Rogers, Bill LaMorie?

“In late May or June of the second year Cheryl  (class president  ?last name?)  presided on the playground at the wedding of Rickie and Nadine, (? last names ?) third and fourth graders who’d been inseparable for most of the year.  Rickie’s family, itinerant academics, were moving on and they wanted to ceremonially tie the knot.   I can’t help wondering if they kept touch through the years. ” – Bill Mutch

“I was bullied a little bit by one kid and teased by others. Not a big deal.” – Anonymous

Nancy Herse? hiding

“Having my first crush, in 2nd grade, on Lolita Sheddygonkar (sp?).  Not sure if I ever said a word to her or she to me.” – Peter Lichtenbaum 

Halloween parade

“Pushing to skip 6th grade because my friends in the 5-6 were going on to junior high at NJHP.  I got my way, which at the time was a vindication and probably the first time I successfully advocated for myself — I remember feeling a big sense of achievement.  In the longer run, maybe not such a great thing to skip 6th grade though.” – Peter Lichtenbaum

Elena Deustua
I’m guessing Joey Peters…

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