Reading/the library

Margaret Goode reading to the kids

“Margaret Goode’s smile !!!!” – Bill Mutch

Elena Deustra
Kara Smith and Mrs. Goode

“Reading “1984” and “Animal Farm” with an English group” – Anonymous

Linda Moraff reading to Joey Peters

“My main favorite memory is the library – getting to go when there was free time, snuggling into those old couches, and working my way from one shelf to the next.” – Leela Fireside

Kara Smith and Mrs. Goode

I learned to read “at home, before I got to East Hill.” – Anonymous

“the freedom to spend all of third grade reading the whole library from end to end.” – Karen Carr

“In my classrooms the two years I was there we taught reading with two methods combined: whole language method, which I adapted from Sylvia Ashton Warner’s work with Maori children in New Zealand. I had children make their own books.

A child picks a word to learn each day – one that is meaningful to them from a dream or event or interest – and I wrote it, they practiced writing it – and then they dictated a brief story or sentence using that word, which became the text from which to learn to read.

We combined this with phonics – often learned through a phonetic lotto game where a sound and a picture card had to be matched.” – Ruth Wishik

“The Rug Room started out pretty bare.” – Bill Mutch

“Reading Kon Tiki aloud to a pretty constant group, then building and launching  the model.” – Bill Mutch

“I remember Jay reading Watership Down aloud to us in the afternoons, in Pat’s room.” – Karen Carr

“In 6th grade, reading Bury My Heart at Wounded Knee with Court Bell in an English group.” – Karen Carr

Probably Muffy?

“What a place…..East Hill. A disheveled kid in a disheveled room sitting ON a desk , with a silly cone on her head, reading. …..I, for one, love it and think it’s as it should be.” – Steve Halton

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