Field trips

“I always remember the field trip he [Bob Herse]  took us on, in his station wagon… Tilly- To Auburn to see a nursery school that he volunteered with, memorable because it was across from the prison (just after the riots happened there).

Also he took us to Harriet Tubman’s house, that was still a private home at that time, and the lady let us in the back door, and showed us the still old kitchen, and parlor.” – Kyllikki Inman

“In 1974 or 75- our intrepid road-tripping mother, Nancy Meyer, packed 10 kids in our van and we headed to NYC with Bari Lee – we crashed in her parents basement and drove into the city. I will spare you the Bronx Zoo animals, but the Natural History museum and the 70’s swag- priceless. Who is with Bari?” – Rene Meyer-Grimberg

Natural History Museum, NYC
Bari Lee and her brother

“We used to take field trips on nice days and walk to the graveyard on East Hill and make rubbings of the old gravestones.” – Karen Carr

“I remember going out to some local commune to see the yurt Eliot, the math teacher, had built to live in. I was so impressed. For weeks I went around telling people that “Eliot lives in a yurt.” – Karen Carr

Karen Carr and Eliot

“There were odd opportunities to leave school – a Chinese cooking class, Mrs Goode’s “cookie club” book group.” – Leela Fireside

Cattail swamp field trip: Beth Herse and Tom Caldwell

“I remember a history trip to Saratoga and Ticonderoga ” – Anonymous

Tom and Pierre Clavel?

“Going into an unnamed teacher’s trailer and seeing lots of plants there… later suspecting they were weed.  Who really knows.” – Peter Lichtenbaum

More cattails
Jackie Scoones, developed by a student

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